The Gloss Teeth Whitening business model is a system that has been proven to work.

With the Oral Hygiene business sector in Australia being $250 Million last year, the largest growth sector for the last few years has been Cosmetic Teeth Whitening.

Gloss has identified a niche within the cosmetic teeth whitening market that will never run out of clients and serves the market gap between cheap ‘in-home’ mouthguard kits and having your teeth whitening performed by a dentist.

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Our approach to business is to minimise risk.
We have been active in the teeth whitening market for several years as a leading marketer – generating sales for several brands of teeth whitening clinics.
Also as a product supplier, and we own the Gloss Teeth Whitening clinic located separately within our hairdressing salon in Newcastle, NSW

We understand the business, the market and what’s required to deliver outstanding results to each and every client. We have built a system that is replicable in other regions around Australia.

Gloss Teeth Whitening is a complete turn key business for under $20K, with guaranteed $10,000 sales or 100 clients to get you started.

It suits existing hairdressers and beauty salons who have some spare room or underutilised space within their current operation, as a way to supplement income streams and diversify the range of services to an existing database and new clients alike.

It also represents a work from home business opportunity that has a high profit per client and we assist get the start up business established using our proven methods of attracting clients to a new business.


The Gloss Package contains everything you need to startup your own Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Business.

It is a complete ‘ready to trade’ business There is nothing left to discover on your own and the most unique part is:
We work with you to ensure sales are generated quickly to get your business kick started and we continue to support you along your teeth whitening journey.

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We work with you, and train you in the marketing methods we have been using to ensure you have the first 100 clients or at least $10,000 in sales as part of the package.

If you have spare beauty rooms or hair stations that are not being used consistently, have you thought about turning that space into a profitable addition to your business?
Imagine if you could add 100K per year to your current sales?
How would that change your life?
Would it make paying the bills easier?
Would that make you more profitable?
How much would that increase your sale value when you wanted to sell your business?


Cosmetic Teeth Whitening when done in our “in clinic” method ticks all the boxes.

1) Fast & Instant Results – at the end of a 1hr appointment – you will see instant results.
2) Affordable – Priced at around the cost of a women’s haircut, the money is available.
3) Safe – When professionally trained staff following set procedures, minimises risk.
4) Environment – When setup in quality surroundings, clients feel comfortable and relax.
5) Guarantees – We have had so much success with this business model – we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that clients will be happy with the results at the end of the appointment.