Imagine how you will feel when you show off your bright white smile, with results up to 14 shades within a 1 hour session with our certified and qualified staff teeth whitening consultants.

The in-salon professional experience delivers exceptional results on teeth that have been stained by smoking or coffee, tea and soft drinks. The results are instantly visible at the end of the appointment. Guaranteed.

With sessions ranging from 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes, a GLOSS teeth whitening treatment will whiten your teeth up from 6 up to 14 shades whiter. Get the pearly whites you’ve always wanted in less time than a haircut!. See below for your special offer that is for a limited time and change the way you smile today at GLOSS Teeth Whitening.

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Gloss Teeth Whitening Staff have been trained to international standards. Our qualifications are second to none in Australia and you can be assured you are in safe hands while you have your teeth whitened.

With our pre-appointment consultation, we ensure the right gel formulation is used for your situation, so if you have sensitive teeth, we have you covered with a pain free solution. We also look for any mouth or teeth issues prior to commencement to ensure you have a successful whitening.

Best of all we completely guarantee our results will work for your teeth before we start your appointment or it’s free.

“Thanks so much, wow they look fantastic. 14 shades brighter. I will definitely be back. ” Mel


“Thanks GLOSS! My teeth are 12 shades whiter.” Kathy


“Really good service. Very happy with the results. Thanks ”
Bronte 🙂


“Huge results! VERY happy and pleased with the process and service.”


“Fantastic Job – so very happy with the result 14 SHADES LIGHTER!! Great Staff – friendly and caring. Thanks so very much”  Nicki


“Thanks Amy!!!!


Your family and friends will be jealous when you light up the room with your new pearly whites when you smile.